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All the Details to Get This Party Started!

When to head to Vegas: We’ll be getting to Sin City on Thursday, the 24th and staying through Tuesday morning, but you’re welcome to get there earlier or stay later.

Where to stay: We’re going to be at the Mandalay Bay Hotel (where House of Blues is located) and it’s across the street from the chapel. However, if you have a special attachment to a certain hotel (as I know some of you do) that’s totally cool and you won’t hurt our feelings or anything. This is also a map of the entire Las Vegas Strip in case you’re wondering if the hotel you found a sweet deal on is anywhere close to us.

The game plan:

Friday, May 25:
Welcome Happy Hour at eyecandy in the center of the casino at the Mandalay Bay at 5 p.m. for anyone who feels like coming – I hear they have 2-for-1 drink specials. Afterwords we’ll split up and the ladies will head to dinner and cocktails while the boys go do… what boys do in Vegas.  If you have plans of your own, that’s totally cool.

Saturday, May 26:
Any of the ladies are welcome to join in on a trip to the Mandalay Bay Spa and to grab lunch before heading up to our suite to get dressed.  We do need to book the services in advance, so if you could let me know, I’ll be booking around the first of May.  By the way, I know the spa site says it’s for Mandalay Bay guests only, but if you’re booking a service you’re good.

The boys can do…. Whatever boys do [I’m thinking Go Kart racing or gambling or something else, I’m open to suggestions -Tim].

The wedding is at 6 p.m. at the Little Church of the West and dinner is at 6:30 p.m. at the House of Blues. Later that night we’ll be heading to Voodoo Nightclub on top of the Rio; we have a table for 18 and VIP bottle service on the roof with a view of the Strip so it should be pretty awesome.

Sunday, May 27:
We have two private cabanas by the pool in the garden at the Mandalay Bay for the whole day and they’ve been nice enough to agree to let me bring the wedding cake in; everyone is welcome to come and go as they choose, but as this is a private area you’ll need to get a key from one of us or give us a call and we’ll come let you in. There are 16 keys and we’ll figure out the best way for everyone to have access Saturday at dinner. We’ve included a map of the pool area so you know where you’re headed.

Bottom Line:
This is a laid back event.  Nothing stuffy, nothing scripted.  Just show up and have a good time. Worst case you need to show up some time on Saturday before 4:30 p.m. and stick around till after supper.  The rest is up to you.

Got questions we haven’t answered? Just let one of us know!